Both devices are incredibly safe to install and use. The installation is carried out by professional electricians. The smart meters possess IEC 6205211:2003, Anbotek, and CE certificate for smart metering equipment with highest safety standards. The smart plugs are UL/FCC/CE/UKCA certified and made of flame-retardant material with childproof design.

The devices and the mobile app* are lease free during the monitoring period as part of the survey. The meters and plugs consume less than 5W over a period of 1 month, which is still less than a $5 a month.

*May vary from household to household.

Our meters and plugs use a combination of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bandwidth on your network. Large-scale testing was previously conducted and was observed that internet performance was not affected.

We will need access to your premises twice, ideally. Once for installation and once for removal if applicable.

The installation procedure should typically take between 45 – 150 mins. We will ask for some additional information beforehand to make your experience as seamless as possible.

To provide an additional layer of safety to households, minor rewiring works are needed at the DB. A Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) will install an additional circuit breaker with our smart meters to protect your home’s circuit breaker.